Why the diary?

How the tumbleweed got a movin’

Such as all great stories it starts with tequila, and starts as a dinner with friends ended. Once my friendly neighbourhood Uber driver had delivered me to my apartment, I did what every single girl does when alone and filled with margaritas. I opened Facebook to spend the next few hours mindlessly trawling through updates and ads.

Facebook being the kind and considerate platform it is likes to remind people of every single item they have posted in the last year. Usually in slideshow. The good, the bad, the ugly…Facebook knows it all. On this fateful night my Facebook had lovingly created a slideshow of my 2016. Which consisted of about ten photos, mostly of food and my dog. Yes, that was my entirety of 2016. Some tacos and a dog. It dawned on me then, my 2016 was a wasted year. I hadn’t achieved anything, except attend work and rack up a huge amount of annual leave (ninety days to be exact….yikes). You may have questions about how I managed to work for three years, take no leave, and didn’t lose my sanity. The answer is that you can’t lose what you never had.

Upon seeing my sole existence in 2016 was work and tacos I decided to change this. My New Years resolution, made publicly in front of friends was to have more adventures. I could have taken the easy way out and not stuck to that, but one friend was stone cold sober so I had a pretty reliable witness I liked too much to get rid of.

Where to first?

Yes I realise this chapter has an eerie resemblance to a slogan for a local airline (unintentional I promise) but moving on..

So I’d made a public declaration to get out and have more adventures. Great!. Amazing! But where exactly to start? Do I dive straight in and go overseas? somewhere exotic? go big or go home type holiday? Do I stay local and see my own country? Too many questions that could only be answered with the help of the all mighty and all encompassing.. Jose. Yes, that’s right, Jose Cuervo.. After much pondering it occurred to me that while I had done a reasonable amount of travelling in my younger years (raising a glass to the trip Dad took the family on to Tiajuna, and Guam during a typhoon) I really hadn’t seen much of New Zealand. That settled it. The first adventure would be in the homeland.

So it begins…

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